Arrow functions in Javascript Part I
Today, I am going to talk about Arrow functions. This is a hot topic in ES6. I have divided this post into two parts so that one post doesn't get awfully long. Let's get started! Arrow functions are short and nice One of the main things about arro[..]
let, const and var in Javascript
Recently, I started taking a course ES6 For Everyone by Wes Bos to brush up my ES6. I will be posting about ES6 as I go through the course. Today, I am going to talk about let, const and var. Before ES6, we only had var and variables declared usin[..]
flex-grow, flex-shrink and flex-basis in Flexbox
In my last post, I talked about Javascript. Today, I am shifting my focus back to CSS Flexbox. I am going to explain flex property. flex is a shorthand property for flex-grow, flex-shrink, and flex-basis. All these properties are applied to flex it[..]
this keyword in Javascript
I have only posted about CSS/Flexbox as of now. Today, I decided to post about Javascript and explaining this keyword is the best way to start. I have taken Colt Steel's Web Developer Bootcamp. In that course, Elie has explained this keyword pretty[..]
What is the use of align-self in Flexbox
I have talked about justify-content, align-items and align-content to align flex-items. All of them are a property of container and applies for every flex-item inside the container. align-self comes into play when we want to align only one flex-item[..]