Hello, World!

Oct 14, 2017
2 Min

Hello Everyone! I am Ankit Tiwari, a CSE sophomore at IIIT Kalyani. This is my first blog post. In this post, I am going to share about myself.

Hello, World!
Hello, World!

I am learning to code for more than a year now. I started with Python then studied C and C++ as they were in my course syllabus. I love Android and always wanted to develop Android applications. After getting comfortable with programming, I learned Java and then started with Android Development courses on Udacity. I finished the basic Android Development course and was enjoying it. I built some demo apps with the course and everything was going great.

I visit programming subreddits and other coding forums on a regular basis. I heard great things about FreeCodeCamp and The Odin Project there. Both of these are for Web Development and I had nothing to do with that and I wanted to leave it like that but I realized that I can reach more people through Web than Android and getting things up and running on a browser was much simpler than on an Android device.

I was ready for my new journey but since I loved Android I didn't want to leave Android Development. I decided to continue both but setting Web Development at a higher priority. I started with FreeCodeCamp and took Colt Steele's Web Developer Bootcamp course. I finished Colt's course within a month and I really liked it. Later, I also finished FreeCodeCamp's Front End Development Program. Now, I am focussing on Back-End Development and CSS.

I learned Python, C, C++, Java, Android Development, Web Development, git etc. I started contributing to open source. I started listening to podcasts (mostly programming related) and reading articles. I was doing pretty much everything experts suggest to get better at programming except one thing - writing blog posts.

I must admit that I am an introvert and sharing things about me is never my cup of tea. I haven't even set my profile picture on Twitter. So, writing blogs was difficult for me. I needed to write down what I am learning to get a better grasp and it couldn't be any better if I also shared it. My passion for explaining things encouraged me to overcome my fear and start this blog.

I will keep posting about stuff that I will learn in future so keep looking here. Thank you for reading my long boring story.